Scraped Knee originally was the name of a series of zines and comic books created by founder Matt Leunig and in 2006 became the name of the overall studio. Initially the work consisted of mostly screenprinted gigposters and comic book work but has grown into all fields of illustration. His work has appeared in numerous publications, video games, music videos, art galleries, etc..

After a transient childhood overseas growing up in the Middle East, Leunig landed in the Bay Area and spent 10 years working in the video game industry while doing illustration work on the side. In 2010, illustration work and running Scraped Knee became his full time job. With the freedom of working from anywhere came the ability to uproot and travel whenever needed or wanted.  After a brief 3 year stint in India, Atlanta & Washington DC the studio landed smack dab back in the Bay Area, in Oakland.


- Promoter/band merch (gigposters, T-shirts, Album art, stickers, etc..)
- Illustration work (Children’s books, editorial, promotional, etc..)
- Art direction/design (video games, music videos, etc..)
- Branding
- Packaging
- Identity
- Apparel Design
- Interactive Design
- Character Design
- Advertising