Q. What is a “gigposter”? 

A. A “gigposter” is an authorized poster commissioned by a band/promoter/ management team/venue to commemorate a specific event/concert/show. Gigposters can be any medium (digital, lithograph, etc..) but traditionally these are screenprinted and hand pulled. This also makes each one unique… thus people tend to collect them and also people tend to resell them for ridiculous amounts on Ebay.  

Q. Are these posters/shirts “official” merchandise? 

A. You better believe it. Ain’t no bootlegs here. All items were officially approved by the bands/promoters/management/venues in question.

Q. How are your orders shipped? 

A. Orders are wrapped in shipping paper, rolled up and sent off in sturdy Yazoo Mills tubes via USPS Priority Mail, international orders go First Class. Any special requirements (overnight, shipping item flat, etc..) can be requested and discussed after purchasing.

Q. How long will my order take? 

A. Orders sent domestically can take up to 1 week for delivery but that doesn’t mean it is going out the day your order it. With the volume of orders coming in I typically ship orders out one or twice a week, typically on Weds. Your order will be received within 2 weeks of purchase. After all orders an email will be sent out containing a tracking number for you. International orders will take longer, up to a month depending on how remote you are and how fast your local postal are. Unfortunately, currently tracking numbers for international order will no longer track once outside the United States. 

Q. Hey ya’ jackass,… my print was delivered and it was damaged. What gives? 

A. First off… your mothers a a jackass. That outta the way… a damaged print is never good. The tubes orders are sent out in are pretty hardcore and take a pretty concerned effort to damage but it has been done in the past by some pretty carefree postal workers. If you get a damaged print feel free to contact me. I’ll have you send me some pics of the damage and/or discuss you sending it back and I have no problem swapping it out (as long as it isn’t sold out). I will not refund/replace orders if you contact me after 2 weeks of receiving it. Sorry Charlie. 

Q. The item I want is “SOLD OUT”, can I still purchase one? 

A. Most likely not. Since most of the items are limited edition screenprints (shirts, posters, etc..) once they are gone they are gone, especially the gigposters. Occasionally I will do a 2nd printing of an art print if they are popular and the original run sold out…. rarely, but sometimes.

Q. Can I hire you for a job? What are your rates? 

A. Sure… I am always looking for new interesting projects to work on. Feel free to contact me with a brief description of the project. The more you can tell me about your proposed schedule and budget the better. Rates for each project are different based on a number of things (scope, usage rights, etc..). If I’m able to do it, I’ll send you a quote and we go on from there…

Q. Will you do bands album cover or flier? 

A. Sure. You got the moneys?  Since I am doing this fulltime I tend to lean toward gigs that can help pay the bills. I have no problem taking smaller gigs, unfortunately I can’t do freebie work anymore. Unfortunately… Ha, who am I kidding? Screw free work…. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! 

Q. Why are some of these prints more expensive? 

A. Since these are limited screenprints,.. once they are gone, they are gone. I tend to start raising the price when there are about 10 prints left.

Q. What does “AP” mean on the print 

A. “AP” means “Artist Print”. A lot of time when working with a band they want all of their copies in which they sell to be signed/numbered and allow me (the artist) to print copies for myself to sell. They all come from the same print run, just mine are not numbered…. but signed “AP”. This tends to be more the case in recent years. I had a lot of gigs early on in which my copies were a part of the “numbered” run. Each poster in the store says if it is AP or Numbered.

Q. Do you sell wholesale? 

A. Some items,… it depends on what you are looking for. If a print is selling really well for me, than most likely not. Once again,… feel free to contact me to let me know which items you had in mind and the quantity. I tend not to sell posters in bulk too much as flippers/resellers have been taking advantage of this and ruining it for the people that actually want the posters in their hands. Shame on you…. 

Q. Do you do interviews? 

A.Of course… I love talking about myself. Feel free to email me at art@scrapedknee.com . 

Q. I’m in the area, can I have a studio tour? 

A. Well right now since moving to Oakland, my studio is in my house. And since I don’t know you or your criminal background…. No.  It’s always a mess, so there is nothing special to see anyways. 

Q. Can I resell your poster even though its the best? 

A. Obviously once you purchase something you can do what you want "legally" with it but I do not condone "flipping". This is someone buys something with the immediate inention of reselling it for more money (eBay, etc...) many times creating a auction/sale before the item is even shipped and sometimes even sold. If you are caught creating a sale/auction for an item before it has even been in your hands your order will be cancelled.